Reviews: Styli

Cells 4-in-1 Stylus

First Impressions -
    Pulling this one out of the envelope, I new I was in for a treat.  This stylus was boxed and then in a thick plastic tube/case.  It really looks like an expensive pen, and of high quality.  This stylus is basically the same as the Rotring Stylus I also reviewed, but it has four "pens" inside instead of two, and is metallic instead of black. 

Pointing and writing -
    The first task was figuring out how this stylus worked.  Unlike the Roting Stylus, this one has four pictures around the top of the different "pens" inside.  Find the one you want, have in pointing up, press the button, and there it is.  The stylus is much like the one in the Cells I-Pen, great.  It seems like with this stylus I am writing better then I have with any of the others.

Overall Worth -
    This is stylus is now going everywhere with me.  It is by far my favorite over others I have tried.  It comes in many different colors grips not to mention two pens (red and black), a pencil, and a stylus inside.
High Quality 
Good Stylus Tip 
Red/Black Pens
Standard designs

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